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How are colors used on this site?

"Black text for quotes." Black text is also used when outlining the subdivisions of a theme.

Purple text for general purpose text within sections.

Green text for the index page.

Maroon text for stand-out text.

Blue Text is used for explanations links. Click on the blue text to learn more.

Navy blue text is used for section headers.

What is the Idea/Explanation text color coordination?

In addition to the uses for the colors listed above, black, purple, green, maroon, and navy are used as alternating idea/explanation text colors.

The idea/explanation alternating text colors mean that instead of listing paragraph after paragraph in the same color (which is very hard to read), we chose to use the colors listed above in an alternating fashion.

This means that we use different colors for paragraphs, but usually have a general way of using them. For example, one prominent color scheme is the maroon-purple-green scheme in which the maroon text is used for the first theme subdivision, purple for the next, and green for the last. There are others too, but we think you will get the idea.

Are there any other ways colors were used?

Yes. On the home page, you will note that the words Immigration Online are spelled out in a red-white-blue theme. This is to correspond with the colors of the American Flag.

The only other usage is when referencing race. If the word Black is used to refer to Black-Americans, then that word will be in the color black. The same goes for the word White when used to refer to White-Americans. No other ethnic groups are referenced on this site in any specific color.

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